[it_heading text=”Our services” extrabold=”normal”]
  • Fire Protection Systems Consultancy.
  • Entire Fire Protection Systems Sales and / or equipment for Fire Protection Systems.
  • Fire Protection System Design.
  • Supervision.
  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Program for Fire Protection System.
[it_heading text=”Our products” extrabold=”normal”]
  • Automatic Sprinkler Systems.
  • Cabinet Hose Systems.
  • Network pipelines distribution  and buried hydrants.
  • Pumping equipment against fire hazards.
  • Bolted steel tanks for water storage.
  • Clean Agent Systems:
    o CO2.
    o Ecaro 25.
    o DuraQuench.
    o Proinert.
  • Foam Systems:
    o Low Expansion.
    o Media Expansion.
    o High Expansion.
  • Alarm and Detection Systems.
  • Deluge and Pre-action Systems.